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Expertise in Labour Mobility

Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM) is a research organisation specialised in customising solutions for international labour mobility, working with governments, corporate clients and higher education institutions across the globe. ELM’s major strength is to support organisations and individuals to become an integral part of the global workplace, providing tailored solutions, whether it is a workshop, a digital solution or a research project. ELM has 25 years of experience in designing and delivering workshops and webinars for university students from around the world that want to succeed in a global job market. ELM also offers train the trainer (TTT) sessions aimed at university staff on how to help students identify and maximize skills and competences acquired by studying abroad. It also co-creates and runs the International Student Barometer (ISB), a large scale global higher education survey, with over 3.7 Million student responses, working with over 100 universities and national education bodies in continental Europe. The recently in-house developed app CareerProfessor.works, provides gamified global careers advice for over 40 countries. Through the wide variety of projects, ELM gained extensive knowledge on what makes graduates internationally employable. You can find more information about Expertise in Labour Mobility at www.labourmobility.com.


Nannette Ripmeester

She holds a Master Degree in European Studies, she has worked over 25 years in advising employers, universities and governments on graduate mobility. She has worked for 7 years at the European Commission and she heads the European Office for i-graduate and has recently founded the educational gaming app CareerProfessor.works.