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Wim Gabriels

Wim Gabriels is Project and Policy Officer at the Erasmus Student Network with a focus on Inclusion and Social Impact of International Student Mobility. He gained experience in European Project Management and Student Support as International Relations Officer at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium. Wim combines his expertise in the field of Higher Education with a communication background, having a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Karel De Grote University College, followed by A Bachelor’s Degree in Communication studies and a Master degree in Strategic Communication and Media Sociology at the University of Antwerp. Wim aims at supporting the development of Internationalisation in Higher education both within as outside of Europe, gaining experience in a Global Citizenship Education. Currently he is most active in the field of social inclusion, access to education and mobility, active citizenship and community engaged learning.

Tajana Mohnacki

Tajana Mohnacki is the Vice-president of the Erasmus Student Network. Tajana is a 26 year old millenial born in Osijek, Croatia, additionally spiced up by Polish and Slovak roots. Tajana has participated in two exchange programmes in Canada and Poland and has obtained an MA in Cultural Studies and Cultural Management. Before she joined the Board as a student representative of Erasmus Student Network, she worked in the field of business development in a local start-up. Now, she is responsible for the topics of the skills development and validation, as well as training and capacity building of students, volunteers and team members; all HR related projects and initiatives in the organisation related to competence development are followed up by her.